you’ll be there until the end of me.

or vice versa.


have u ever sneezed so hard u turned into peter capaldi

First and last lines

it’s the crack in the universe

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Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in Spectacular Now


The games are only just beginning… | Less than one year left


Tis the season to be crying over syllabi.


jealous of jetpacks, my tumblog turned 3 today! It’s been an awesome three years—I really love tumblr and the whole tumblr community. *group hug*

To celebrate, let’s do a quick giveaway! The winner will get a signed copy of my third book plus as much swag from my author friends that I can fit in the envelope.

  1. Open internationally
  2. Reblog to enter
  3. Follow for an extra entry

I’ll pick a winner December 27th. If you don’t have your ask open (so I can alert you that you won), make sure you follow your tags—I’ll post the winner on December 27. If you win, claim your prize by the new year or I’ll give it to someone else.